Get the smile you have always wanted! With ceramic braces in Staten Island, New York, you can do so discreetly. Ceramic braces function the same way as traditional metal braces but with the additional benefits of blending into your smile and not interfering with imaging like metal braces can.

Beautiful and Healthy
Our orthodontist can use ceramic braces to gradually and carefully correct the positions of your teeth to give you a better aligned and more beautiful smile. Not only will your smile be more beautiful, but it will be healthier as well. With a straighter smile, you run a lower risk of suffering from tooth decay or periodontal disease or any other dental problems.

Many patients choose clear aligners as their discreet orthodontic treatment, but ceramic braces do have an advantage over them. They can be faster. You may be able to complete your treatment soon, and when it comes to severe cases of misalignment or malocclusion, aligners are simply not an option.

The discreet nature of ceramic braces makes them great for patients who are interested in receiving orthodontic treatment while still maintaining their appearance. These are often adults who need to look professional or older teenagers.

If you are interested in learning more about ceramic braces, contact our office today at 718-948-5100. We are happy to answer questions and schedule your appointment with Dr. Melvin Pearson.